Are you looking for a better way to wash your car?

Meet ValarUS Portable Cleaner

ValarUS™️ Portable Car Washer 6 in 1 Nozzle Cordless Power Cleaner Series

Various spray patterns offer variety of usage that changing from 6 spray angles: Shower Mode, 0°, 20°, 20° Slant, 40° and Foam Jetting Mode(foam cannon) to tackle all sorts of cleaning demands.6 kinds of water outlet mode Smooth switching.

  • It outputs 520 max PSI, which is a great tool to bridge the gap between the regular hose and heavy pressure washer. Specially designed for handy car wash and other tasks with electric power pressure washer/ pressure cleaner.It's such a compact car wash machine.
  • The whole process goes without changing the nozzle, just by turning the nozzle which can switch the water spray mode, even if the cleaner is in used, and there will be no water leakage.
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    VA-DB02 40V 3.24lbs 520PSI Black 6 in 1 Cordless Portable Power Washer

    The [ ValarUS VA-DB02 40V 3.24lbs 520PSI Black Portable 6 in 1 Nozzle Cordless Power Washer ] is a electric cordless battery power cleaning car/bike washer. It provides 6 spray modes and up to 45 min function time in just one battery.With the 20ft water pipe included, you can clean your car/bike/patios/garden/grill/veranda/restroom...
    Color* Black

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    The ValarUS Portable 6 in 1 Nozzle Cordless Power Cleaner is the game changer & making cleaning fun again.

    The Double-acting Pump

    The Double-acting Plunger Pump is much powerful than ever, which is made of Aerospace Aluminum for better abrasion resistant.*1
  • The design of this pump allows us to maintain such a compact body while still providing 22bar constant pressure for sure.
  • *1 Only the pump of VA-DB02 40V Black is made of aerospace aluminum,the other model of pump is made of copper,which maintains the same mechanical structure.
  • Unlimited Water Source

    The machine was designed to draw fresh water from any source, as it can easily use the pool water through the hose pipe, which is more convenient.The hose comes with 19ft, so you're always able to reach the work easily.
  • With the cordless portable power design and solved water source, this washer can make your washing easier. It's time to say goodbye to the traditional bulky washing machine.
  • Features


    Cordless, Compact and Portable Fashion Design, 3.24 lb Light Weight Body, high quality ABS material, integrated structure of the whole machine, fine craftsmanship, comfortable texture. Suitable for outdoor Scenario.


    The waterproof of the battery pack is the guarantee of the safety and life of the product, IPX7 waterproof grade can effectively block water damage, water vapor, preventing from short circuit situation.


    180L/h large water volume and 2.2Mpa/ 3.5Mpa high water pressure produces a large water column and large impulse can easily clean stains, and improving cleaning efficiency.


    So easy to use!

    James En

    Small and exquisite, the appearance is very good. After receiving it, I could not resist washing the car. Enough power, not heavy, after using the hands are not sore. The most important thing is that this machine is very small, which can be carried with the car. Charging is very convenient as long as the battery is Replaceable!


    David Calgary

    I've never owned a pressure washer before, until I got this valarus washing equipment. I wish there were more photos available before I made my purchase, so it wouldn't have felt like a gamble, but I've including some HQ photos myself to help someone else make an easier decision. It was quite fun erasing all the grime from the patio with ease. I mainly used the 0 and 20 degree nozzle and held it pretty close to the ground which was fine. The different heads are easily interchangeable. Like I said, I've never owned a pressure washer before, so I can't compare it. It just took me about 1 minute to assemble following the instructions. It's worth the purchase!

    Best cleaner ever...

    John Doe

    I have use other electric pressure washer and this one stand out as one of the best because of the water pressure and volume. I would not consider any power washer with a flow rate of under 3.5 Mpa, anything less than that you may as well use a pressure wane and save yourself some money. Once it goes on sale, I am going to buy another one for my bro.

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